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Formed in 2004, SmartCitizen is a Cornwall based technology company providing a complete range of solutions to government agencies considering building or evolving card schemes. We offer business and technical consultancy, technology, card supply and personalisation and fully managed services. No job is too small, we are frequently called in to help develop business cases, and later find ourselves managing a full card scheme rollout programme.

To be sustainable, a smart card scheme needs to be properly integrated into a local authority’s IT infrastructure, and frequently this includes legacy applications. SmartCitizen believes in a low risk incremental approach, providing rapid results using existing architectures where possible, and only moving to major rollouts when business benefits have been properly demonstrated. We have a network of business partners with whom we work to ensure that our customers obtain the cost effective results they seek.


Simon Bennetts - Managing Director
Sarah Bennetts - Technical Director
Geoff Neal - Director
Tom Neal - Director

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