Products and Services

Our team's track record is impressive. We are involved in some of the UK's most important multi-application smart card initiatives such as the "e+" smartcard scheme in Bracknell.

SmartCitizen created the architecture and developed all the card applications for the Cornish Key Card, the UK's first true multi-application local authority scheme. We went on to build the card software and provide much of the know-how which went into the National Smart Card Project, and we are now responsible for providing support to all users implementing the SmartConnect Card Management System as well as managing the Project's master open source.

Smart Card Solutions

SmartCitizen offers local authorities and technology partners a complete service from initial feasibility studies and consultancy, through to card scheme creation and support, including management and hosting where required.

We also offer a suite of software packages designed to support the use of smartcards in libraries and leisure centres and can also provide real-time integration solutions for interested customers.

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