English National Concessionary Travel Schemes

SmartCitizen Ltd are pleased to offer a package solution for TCAs who are seeking an alternative to issuing travel cards using the DfT's framework.

Using the SmartConnect Card Management System and associated products, SmartCitizen can offer all aspects of travel scheme management including:

Why Choose SmartConnect?

Designed by TCAs, for TCAs

SmartConnect has been specifically designed with local authorities in mind. It takes into consideration processes and policies that are key to local authorities but are otherwise ignored by the private sector. It is already in use in local authorities around the country including Bracknell, Caerphilly, Cambridgeshire, London Boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Hillingdon, Richmond upon Thames and Waltham Forest, as well as South Yorkshire's Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE).


The ODPM has already invested £4.2 million in the product, and Bracknell Forest Council, as custodians of the software, are able to ensure its continued support and development.

Adherence to Standards

SmartConnect has been designed to incorporate relevant standards at every level, from card structures and protocols, up to government requirements for data interchange. This gives TCAs protection against implementing a proprietary system which would contravene government standards and preclude any cross-boundary working.

The software meets all the criteria identified by the Department for Transport in its April 2007 Bulletin 5 concerning data capture for Concessionary Fares. It is able to accept imports from any existing database used to store concessionary travel data. It also provides TCAs with the perfect platform for issuing multi-application smartcards if / when the time arises.

Published Web API

The SmartConnect system comes complete with a fully functional, comprehensive web api which allows a third party to create and update citizen records as well as issue and replace cards.

Full documentation is available for the web API and a large number of customers use this for integration with their legacy systems, with some customers undertaking the development to interface with the API directly and others making use of established middleware components “SmartUpload” and “SmartDownload” for ease of integration.

Simplified Procurement Process

In June 2008 Bracknell Forest Council simplified smartcard scheme implementation for local authorities by awarding SmartCitizen a contract for SmartConnect software support services.

Because Bracknell Forest has already followed a full EU procurement for the provision of SmartConnect support services, any other local authority can now contract directly with BFC without needing to complete a long and expensive tendering process. It can do this because, subject to an authority’s own financial and contract regulations, it will be able to demonstrate Best Value. Local authorities can therefore quickly establish a smartcard scheme which is comprehensive, reliable and offers value for money.

For more information on contracting with Bracknell Forest contact Vincent Paliczka, Director of Environment and Leisure, Bracknell Forest Council on 01344 351750

For more information on SmartConnect, click here or visit the SmartConnect website

Further Information

For a discussion on how SmartConnect could meet your needs, contact:

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