SmartConnect Card Management System

SmartConnect is the branding used to describe the outputs from the ODPM's National Smartcard Project.

The Smart Connect software range, based on industry standard technologies, enables local authorities to introduce a smart card scheme quickly and cost effectively and provides the building blocks on which to develop and implement larger and more complex smart card schemes.

The software issues smartcards which are encoded to agreed standards to ensure that cards are compatible on a national level.  It can also be used to issue non-smart cards including plastic, barcode and magstripe cards.

Following the conclusion of the National Project funding, Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) became the custodian of Smart Connect and manage the licencing and development of the product.

In June 2008 Bracknell Forest Council simplified smartcard scheme implementation for local authorities by awarding SmartCitizen a contract for SmartConnect software support services.

Because Bracknell Forest has already followed a full EU procurement for the provision of SmartConnect support services, any other local authority can now contract directly with BFC without needing to complete a long and expensive tendering process. It can do this because, subject to an authority’s own financial and contract regulations, it will be able to demonstrate Best Value. Local authorities can therefore quickly establish a smartcard scheme which is comprehensive, reliable and offers value for money.

For more information on contracting with Bracknell Forest contact Vincent Paliczka, Director of Environment and Leisure, Bracknell Forest Council on 01344 351750


The components of the Smart Connect “Starter Pack” for local authorities are as follows:


The SmartConnect Card Management has been successfully integrated with a number of 3rd party software solutions including:

For a more comprehensive list of the systems with which SmartConnect has been integrated please click here.

For information on whether SmartConnect can be integrated with a specific system please contact SmartCitizen.

Further Information

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