ITSO Services

SmartCitizen specialise in the design, implementation and management of smartcard schemes for local authorities.

We offer local authorities and technology partners a complete service from initial feasibility studies through to card scheme creation and support, including management and hosting where required. As Transport is an important service offered by local authorities, ITSO standards have inevitably come to play an important role in many schemes.

SmartCitizen were involved in one of the earliest ITSO pilot schemes at Blazefield, which was supported by Bolton and Blackburn councils. For the pilot, SmartCitizen added ITSO products to the existing Bolton citizen card. The integration of ITSO into multi-application schemes is an area in which SmartCitizen have considerable experience and expertise. Through LASSeO, we have developed coding standards which accommodate both ITSO and citizen applications developed under the National Smartcard Project.

SmartCitizen have a personalisation POST certified for the encoding of CMD1, CMD2 and CMD3 media types. We are the only bureau currently encoding ENCTS products on to CMD2 media and we have particular experience in deploying ITSO with the JCOP family of dual-interface cards.

SmartCitizen offer a range of ITSO related services:

The SmartConnect Card Management System has also been enhanced to better support ITSO schemes. The perso POST, card production service, CMS and a certified ACT HOPS form an integrated system that enables local authorities to deploy, support and monitor ITSO-compliant scheme services. SmartConnect is available to all local authorities.

Further Information

For further information, contact Owen McLaughlin, Managing Director:

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