SmartInput for Tablets (SIfT)

The SIfT software is a smartcard reading application designed specifically for use with tablets to enable customers to record smartcard transactions on the move, even in WiFi free zones.

Customers can now use a tablet to record event attendance and activity participation whilst out ‘in the field’, without having to worry about being tied to a fixed location or WiFi availability. Users simply need to present their card on the tablet and the app will record their attendance or participation details. It will also display core user information and any data requiring validation. The app will even work in offline mode when no WiFi connection is available; transactions will simply be stored in an encrypted database to be uploaded when back online.

Utilising a tablet's built-in camera, SIfT can also be used to read non-smart barcoded cards, offering customers an even more flexible solution to their data capture requirements.

In addition to the above features, the app has its own proprietary updating system, eliminating the need for IT staff visits or the hassle of returning the tablets to SmartCitizen for software updates. SmartCitizen can simply deploy remote fixes, updates and new features to install automatically on the tablets. Furthermore, when combined with either the SmartConnect system or SmartCitizen’s Rewards Portal, the SiFT app configuration can also be managed remotely. This includes which activities, rewards or events to display (along with associated point values), as well as various app behaviours. Once changes have been implemented on the main server, the customer simply needs to reload the app or sync it for the new settings to be downloaded immediately.

SiFT has been designed to work on any Android device but has specifically been developed, tested and deployed on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. The Google Nexus was chosen as it is a light-weight, affordable tablet with several key benefits; mainly the built-in NFC reader which can be used to read Mifare classic and Desfire smartcards, full table encryption adding an extra layer of security on top of the app’s encrypted database, and the direct updates from Google (the Google tablets will receive the latest Android updates before other manufacturers’ devices).

Example of activity recording using SIfT as part of a Rewards Scheme:

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