Rewards Portal

In response to an increasing drive by many local authorities to offer incentives and rewards to their residents, SmartCitizen have created a fully functional Rewards Portal to allow customers to manage their own Rewards and Incentives schemes.

The system works by allowing users (either with or without a smartcard) to earn points by participating in various activities, and those points can be redeemed against various rewards or prizes.

The product comes complete with an Administration Portal to allow scheme administrators to create new point-earning activities, set the points value for an activity, add new rewards on which points can be spent, and view reports on total points issued within the scheme, numbers of participants, popular / unpopular activities or rewards etc.

In addition there is a User Portal to allow the scheme participants to login, view how many points they have collected, view and redeem any rewards they might spend their points on, and monitor new ways to earn points.

The system is not dependent on a smartcard having been issued to a participant in order to collect rewards, but can be seamlessly integrated with existing card schemes where they exist.

Examples of Existing Rewards Schemes

The following customers have implemented rewards schemes supported by SmartCitizen:

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Further Information

Read some Rewards Scheme Case Studies

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