SNAPI Configurator

The SNAPI Configurator system supports users with Special Needs by automatically configuring their computer based on settings stored on a smartcard. Developed in conjunction with the EN-1332-4 smartcard encoding standard defined by John Gill, Chief Scientist at the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), the software changes the PC display settings to suit the individual user.

By simply placing a smartcard onto a reader attached to the PC, settings such as font size, screen colour and speech output are automatically configured. When the smartcard is removed from the reader, the software returns the PC to its original state.

The automatic configuration of the PC according to the individual's needs and the restoring of it to its original condition make the tool particularly attractive to libraries who provide public access PCs and who at present have to ensure their staff are available to assist in setting up a public access PC for a special needs user.

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